Creating your own Signature

Creating your own Signature

Creating your own Signature in your preferred Font is probably something you want to do sooner or later once you’ve experimented with the many stunning, easily recognizable and freely downloadable Fonts out there.

Creating your own Signature

It all looks so simple doesn’t it… and those Fonts are indeed so easy to use and we take them for granted… However, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating any form of balanced and attractive Typography, in fact, it’s an Art for top designers and master calligraphers.

If you don’t believe me, just try to get your name – meaning your signature – out there. Just as I do it for my Artwork . . . the rest I definitely leave to the pro’s.

Palm Prisms by Bianca Gubalke

Palm Prisms by Bianca Gubalke

How would you do this?

Create a new document in Photoshop or Gimp, make sure you start with a transparent layer and then work in layers above that one. Probably you have your chosen Font already, but it’s good to experiment and why not take the pen or brush tool and simply write your name yourself as you normally would on paper. While you may get quite excited doing this eye-opening exercise, you will soon observe where the difficulties are, especially as concerns a confined space like 500×80 pixels as may be the case for your header… and this without being a Graphic Designer and even less a Calligrapher.

When does one’s Signature look right?

Good Typography

While I studied Typography decades ago and the basic principles of good Typography like those of good Architecture never change… and poor letter spacing and kerning can still drive me up the wall… from there to doing something that looks good and dynamic within a short period of time and without killing the History or Undo button is a totally different story…

I know. I did it … and definitely, using a Wacom tablet is not the same as designing on paper… even if having quite a steady hand and tons of self-imposed Patience! The result? Nothing I’d be proud of… not within a couple of hours and without being properly equipped! But do I have a respect and admiration for the guys out there who know what they are doing!

So what’s the answer if you still want to give it a go?

Font Editing Software

Font Editing Software is a must if you are determined to create your own Fonts… but as there is quite a price attached to this, shop around first,  look at what others do and possibly start with the TypeTool first, see whether Font creation is really for you – and once you know this is it… then dig into your wallet and upgrade to something like FontLab.

Alternatively, outsource to a professional. Having your own look in terms of typography as a business is a worthwhile investment. Just browse through all the mega brands – Coca Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft, Coco Chanel – and it jumps into one’s eyes – it’s a must and it needs to be professionally done. No matter what!

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