The Importance of Drawing

The Importance of Drawing

“Learning how to Draw” should in my view be a discipline taught as early as possible as it teaches young children a fundamental life skill: how to ’see’ – and from there: think in a focused, simple and clear way. . . ideally beyond the surface of appearances.

Dali through my eyes with rose

The Importance of Drawing

The Importance of Drawing here is that the ability to ’see’ helps to ‘visualize’. . .  and from there to find solutions to any question or task at hand, solving possible challenges in advance. This helps to develop a healthy, natural way of decision making and common sense within the young, sensitive and receptive person . . . and sooner or later a personal Style and sense for Aesthetics.

Practise Drawing

While you might think this only pertains to the Visual Arts – Paintings, Architecture, Sculpture, Cinema etc and Web Design when it comes to the Internet -, the fact is that being able to ’see’ and from there develop a feeling for what’s essential is fundamental for many other professions where it might be less obvious – be it lawyers,  doctors, sales people, teachers or farmers – just to name a few.

Here as in all disciplines, Consistency and Practice are key. It means one needs to Practise Drawing. . .  just like a pianist needs to play daily or a ballerina does her daily exercises one needs to practise drawing in order to stay visually aware as well as in control of one’s online skills as regards the tools and graphic programs we use when working via the worldwide web.

Personally, I firmly believe that “. . . the more I draw the more I see” . . . which is in fact quite a profound thought. . . but it would explode the topic of this post :)

Online Drawing Tools

While we are all familiar with offline tools to create Drawings – pencil, crayons, pen, charcoal, pastels, brush etc – , equipping ourselves with good Online Drawing Tools to operate professionally online is essential if you want to succeed in Web Design or create more refined Web Graphics and Graphic Art.And believe me. . . although it may sound strange to the newbie and eternal skeptic: online drawing tools are just as efficient and sensitive as their traditional equivalent in the offline environment. . . if not more. It’s totally amazing – but something that needs to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.

I recommend simply the best: Wacom tablets. . . find out more HERE. This advice comes from my personal experience and is totally independent :)

Work In Progress

Just as sketches capture ideas and are as such materialized moments and visions of the mind, these Drawings… that seem to have an unfinished touch and often – but not always – are the pre-stadium for some major Artwork…, do in fact contain the essence of what is to follow.

Drawings document the “Work in Progress” – my favourite part of the creative process. . . and as you see above I continue my series of Web Graphics on Salvador Dali. This time I could not resist his beautiful red Dali rose. . .

Dali Quote

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”

I just love this one!

It’s yet another great Salvador Dali Quote to learn from. . . even if it’s just to get to know ourselves better :)

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    Very much helping and make’s u think through different aspects of drawing..thankyou

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