Ycademy Online Seminar January 2016

How to build a Universal Android App for WordPress

Following last month’s study of the Recipe App development with Android Studio, this month’s Ycademy Seminar starts the year with a strong focus on building a ‘Universal Android App’ for WordPress, whereby ‘Universal’ is the name of the theme that all seminar participants will learn how to instal, configure and adapt to their respective needs.
Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

Why would you want to create an App for your website?

This crucial question brings us back to the times when we taught small online entrepreneurs to define their business objectives on the worldwide web: who are you? What’s your business? What product or service are you going to sell? In other words, the famous ‘Secret Garden’.

This naturally defines a specific target audience.

If you sell autoparts, your clients are to be found in the automobile field, people who own, drive and maintain cars.

If you sell books – either as an affiliate or as an author yourself – you need to know who would like to read them and where to find them.

If you offer your services as a website designer – as we at Web Design with Passion do – you’re looking for people or enterprises who need website development and design as well as SEO services to get visibility on the Internet and gain traction for their products and services.

And as a significant number of these potential clients or simply people who like and follow what we do, offer or have to say and want to stay updated, access the Internet and buy rather from their mobile devices than from desktops – and the latest Mobile Marketing Trend shows that this number rises consistently – the best way to be in contact – online and offline – is by means of an App. As such, an App becomes critically important when looking at it from an SEO point of view. . . and this always has to remain a priority for anyone involved with SEO client consulting and web design.

Hence, looking into App development and JAVA to keep pace with the fast developments on the net – or to stay in tune with them – is no luxury but a necessity.

The goal of this month’s webinar is that all participants have their own website app by end of Sunday – which is today! While we already waded through a lot of technicalities, with brains fuming at the end of the day, today we can – finally! – focus on content.

Deep breath . . . and let’s go!