1 May 2012 Results

1 May 2012 Results

Most will look at 1 May 2012 results once the day is over… here in Noordhoek, South Africa, we do the opposite! After a day and night of tremendous gale-force storms with the sound of the ocean reverberating so loud at 3:15 am in the morning we thought the water was at our doorstep, we are gifted with the most stunning day filled with sunshine and promise. Nature is rejoicing while we are cleaning up the debris of the past 48 hours and enjoying that brilliant halo of fresh new energy around each leaf, branch and flower that’s so healing to inhale! Yes… it’s one of those tender mornings I love and captured in a recent photo from my garden below.

1 May 2012 Image by Bianca Gubalke Photography

With so much heaviness and pain to be finding its angry expression over the course of this day in many parts of the world, some of us are determined to balance this with loving and peaceful vibrations… Make your choice – and follow your heart.

1 May 2012 Results

On another level, 1 May 2012 Results on Google are my main objective with this little article – namely where did yesterday’s post end up?

Hotels and Lodges Websites

Hotels and Lodges Websites show an incredible amount of search returns on Google: 3,250,000,000 ! Sounds like counting the stars… and yet, as I checked the position of my featured images, I found two of them on page one as you can see on the screenshot! SEO results that talk!


Hotels and Lodges Websites Image Results by Bianca Gubalke

There were more images from my Web Design Showcase at http://showcase.biancagubalke.com on the following pages, but what I want to illustrate here is the efficiency of my work in terms of Website Development with Semiomantics – nothing more, nothing less.

There are many stunning websites for hotels and lodges – the question is always: if and where do they show up on Google Top 10 and at what price?

Here’s with sunshine from South Africa and wishing you a peaceful 1 May 2012!