Personalized Wedding Websites on Google

Personalized Wedding Websites on Google

While our positioning on Google is certainly not a main priority when it comes to designing Personalized Wedding Websites, I am working on Semiomantics XO and it’s just in my virtual blood – and part of my daily routine – to observe and monitor my results on Google.

Personalized Wedding Website Photo by Bianca Gubalke



Personalized Wedding Websites on Google

And again – and this within minutes – a smashing result of being ranked on positions 5 and 6 on Google Top 10 – ahead of 20,5 million search returns:

Personalized Wedding Websites on Google Top 10


Click on the screenshot above and you see it in the enlarged version for better reading.

Wedding Websites Ranking

Obviously, and as you can see from the amount of Google ads being placed on top and on the side of the Google Top 10 page and beyond, there is strong competition on the Wedding Websites ranking – and this means constant movement as new posts come in and join the race to the top of Google.

I am pleased to see that – even though this was sort of my first article in this particular project – the article is still ranked on spot 5! Brilliant performance on Google!


Weddings at Monkey Valley Resort

It’s not the first time I’ve been working on Weddings as a theme… and its naturally one I like as there’s such a special flair around this whole event in a couple’s life. . . ideally melting two individuals into ONE. One wants to add to the happiness and the promise of this new beginning…

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