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Google Top 10

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as important today as it has ever been. Having split my previous author website – where I wrote extensively about God and the world – into a brand-new author website (under my name as a published author, see my Bianca Gubalke Author Website here) and this website, that will now predominantly focus on my work as a website designer and writer on this topic (and that now contains over a 1000 articles I’ve written over the last few years), I’ve suffered from ‘loss of position’, especially while building my new website and not posting regularly here . . . but this will soon change.



Posting regular original content is king

Having said the above, I’m pleased to see that – slowly but surely – even my currently rather rare articles are ranking again as you can see on the screenshot above: Google Top 10! Not bad! That’s where we want to be.

To this day, posting regular original content is king – Google’s little spies love that when they hunt for new articles on the web . . . and soon we’ll feed those little monsters properly again! Watch this space!