Ycademy Online Seminar February 2016

App Development with Android Studio

With increasing numbers of mobile users accessing the web, website designers have to learn how to create apps. The idea is the same as with websites: to occupy space. Not only obviously, but also! Following the App Development in our Ycademy Seminar in January 2016, this month’s webinar focused on building the framework for a City Guide App or a Directory, using online and offline content.

Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

App terminology

One thing is clear: when diving into mobile app development, it’s a little like learning a new language: the app terminology! Just look up the acronym POI on Google and it’s quite hilarious what comes up – from POI recipes… to Amazon’s ‘…lovely poi made from a padded weight and a colourful nylon scarf tail’ . . . to ‘all your POI, Fire and Juggling needs‘ – and that’s by far not all – but in app lingo, and especially when thinking ‘City Guide’, the correct definition of POI is “Point(s) Of Interest”. Voilà!

That’s not where it stops! One’s got to know how to

  • Share POI
  • POI detail screen (info, map, decription)
  • Current distance to the POI
  • Open web link of the POI
  • List of POI
  • Sort POI by distance or by alphabeth if location is unknown
  • Search POI with suggestion . . .

Oh, and following the Marshmallow version in January, we’re now with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3). But we stay with Android and Gradle – which is quite comforting – and I’m pleased that even on apps we can have cool:

  • Animated action bars
  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Ripple effects and
  • Favorite spots and more.

Well, by favorite spot will be in the Village Sushi just now – all Wi-Fi by the way, even down here in the boonies – with my main POI’s on the menu and the culinary art of a true Japanese sushi chef. That’s 7 years of training . . . so I won’t say another word about the hardship of learning app development on an Ice Cream Sandwich.

Until we speak again!