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Ycademy Webinar November 2015

In this month’s upcoming Seminar, Ycademy will introduce its students to App Development with Android Studio, which is the new standard replacing Eclipse – the topic of another Ycademy Seminar on ‘How to build an App’, in January 2013.

Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

While we find apps about everywhere in the digital world, many still wonder what an ‘app’ actually is? Or is it an ‘application’? So let’s look at the official explanation from Computer Basics:

An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks.Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, and those for mobile devices are called mobileapps. When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it.

Apps or Applications?

When you do some research on the term ‘app’, you soon come across some controversy and hidden misunderstanding in connection with the term: ‘application’. So what the heck is the difference – and does it matter?

I turned to Gartner, a good source to learn from and have difficult questions answered in an easily understandable way – and I like the way he described the difference:

Applications are baggy monsters prized for their long lists of capabilities, while apps are valued for doing a few things well — their purposefulness.

Quote: “Apps, says Gartner, are not applications: “The defining characteristic of an app is its reduced functional presence. Apps do less than applications. That is their goal.”1 In other words, what began as mere shorthand for most of us (“The $#!@% app is down again!”) has come to represent a different design paradigm altogether.

How do we separate the usage of the terms? The distinction is driven primarily by the device. Big screen, full keyboard, unlimited power, etc.? That’s the playground for applications. Small touch screen, small keyboard, limited battery, limited bandwidth? That’s where apps thrive.”

If you want to dig deeper – and I strongly suggest you do, and even get access to a free e-booklet on the three keys for becoming a mobile enterprise – go directly to the Appcelerator Website HERE.


Creating your first App

While Ycademy students had their first appexperience by creating their first App about two years ago, this month’s December Seminar 2015 will focus on:

  • Integrated Development Environment;
  • Elements – text, images and buttons (share, editable text fields…);
  • How to create your first App using third party libraries;
  • Understanding JSON and more.

App development is to be taken seriously – VERY seriously! It continues to change the way we operate on the Internet and it has revolutionized the mobile world. And if you’re a web designer or website developer, be prepared for how it will influence and change the Web Design of the future!