Ycademy Seminar April 2017

How to set up a Facebook Author Page

The focus of this month’s webinar is on the creation of professional Facebook pages beyond the usual profile page we all set up the moment we join the gigantic social network. While profile pages are ideal to keep in close contact with our family and friends, Facebook offers a wide range of possibilities to choose from for our business pages – be it for local businesses, branding reasons, for artists, authors and photographers, for entertainment – including libraries and books – as well as communities around certain topics and themes. It’s a matter of choice depending on one’s goals and target markets or intentions, and then going through the settings, step-by-step, and making the best of Facebook’s publishing tools. Is your audience local? Or is it – for example – the English speaking world? What gender and which age group would be interested in what you have to offer?

Bianca Gubalke Photography and Design

Facebook Author Page for Bianca Gubalke

First, and most importantly, we want to have a very clear vision of what this Facebook Page is all about. As I am a writer of visionary fiction and magical realism, this will be my author page.

As a next step, we want to create an attractive design, starting with the header image. We need a header image of 851 x 315 px for the desktop version and another one for the mobile version in 640 x 360 px (see below).

Facebook header for Bianca Gubalke

I could not resist using the stunning landscape photo I captured recently during a violent thunderstorm, right over Noordhoek and the Atlantic Ocean, South Africa. I’m still experimenting with the titles of two of my books: “The Magical Garden” and “The Immortal Life of Piu Piu”. As Facebook allows us to change the header images, we can offer our visitors something new from time to time, which makes the site more attractive.

Facebook mobile header for Bianca Gubalke

The Seminar continues in form of workshops over the next weeks. Once the setup is complete, the focus will be on Facebook Marketing strategies! All very exciting!