New Facebook Page

New Facebook Page

Following up on yesterday’s post HERE, and based on the fact that WordPress now allows for superb – yet quite complex and time-consuming –  integration possibilities with Facebook, all participants of this past weekend’s Ycademy Seminar November 2011 developed a new Facebook Page – also called “Fanpage”.

Best WP based Facebook Fanpage by Bianca Gubalke

New Facebook Page

It’s a personal choice as to whether the access to one’s new Facebook Page goes via a so-called ‘reveal page’ – as explained yesterday – or visitors don’t have to go the extra ‘like’ route and can have a quick look without that at what the owner of the Facebook Fanpage has to offer.

While I setup the “like-us” page for the time being as part of the exercise – and I quite like it as I love my owl :) – I would probably prefer to offer the straight route.

For the time being, I integrated an elegant SlideDeck with a number of slides inviting the visitor to click on what interests them – be it to connect and meet me on a more persoanl level – which would obviously be on my Author Blog -, or if they share my passion for photography to go to my Photo Blog… or, if they have a professional interest in what I’m doing and might need a website, then they can go to my Showcase 2010 to check out my work and style and see if that’s what appeals to them. As simple as that.

Facebook Trends

Everybody talks about “original quality content” – yet how many deliver it? And how does it compare to the masses of cyberwaste out there?

From what I hear, the Like-Me button may lose its importance and the new Facebook Trend will be a focus on quality content.

More on this later… at the moment I was just suprised by an impressive snake who snuggled up next to me in the wastebin and refused to move out back into the garden… she preferred a cooler place under my sofa. A bit of a weird feeling to have THIS visitor right next to me… I got her on a photo… but then I had to jump LOL

More later!





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  1. November 29, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Hi Bianca, I have also just started to experiment with Facebook’s new trends. I am also trying to set up a photography facebook page and what you say about good content is true. A small trick as far as linking goes, create several facebook pages of your own and have them link to each other, it is fine as they are your pages, this way when others see one of your pages, they will also see the links to your other pages. Cheers.

    • November 29, 2011 at 9:03 am

      Thank you Marc for leaving this valuable comment – much appreciated. Yes – this is one of the ideas. Lots of room for development.

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