Japan Surplus Trucks for Sale

Japan Surplus Trucks for Sale

Japan Surplus Trucks for Sale is a main focus of the expanding Philippine Corporation Magnetic Transport Surplus, with its main office, production and rebuilding site situated at Bulua Highway, Cagayan de Oro City 9000, Philippines.

Japan Surplus Trucks for Sale at Magnetic Transport Surplus Corp.

Japan Surplus Trucks for Sale

With Japan Surplus Trucks being by far not the only used vehicles for Sale at Magnetic Transport Surplus, and with company owner Gonzalo Go combining a global vision with an ambition to expand his rapidly growing enterprise, the decision to set up and build a solid reputation and authority on the Internet using the best and latest technology available on the market is imperial.

Magnetic Transport Surplus on Semiomantics

Magnetic Transport Surplus chose Semiomantics Website Development to build its online presence in a dynamic, user-friendly and efficient way, with a focus on high visibility where the demand is: on Google, the mobile market and in social networks.

We will be reporting on the development of the evolving website. . .

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  1. Rolando Lorilla B.
    May 21, 2011 at 3:11 am

    hi,gusto kolang sana mag tanong .tungkol sa melitary surplus cargo truck.kung mag kano ang per unit nito?ano ba ang makina nito diesel cummins ba? ilang cylender ito.kung pwede padalhan nyo ako ng lahat ng options nyo.more power.

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