Emerald Color of the year 2013

Emerald Color of the year 2013

Not surprisingly and in tune with the change of vibrations and the shifting of energies after the spectacular planetary alignment experienced just recently at the end of 2012, the colours chosen for the year 2013 have changed from a predominently warm to a predominantly cool palette, i.e. from shades of red (eg. tangerine) to shades of green: emerald is the color of the year 2013. Pantone 17-5641 to be precise in online, marketing and fashion terms. As all colors – it’s beautiful – especially if combined with taste and harmony!

Emerald Color of the year 2013 by Bianca Gubalke Web Design

Emerald Color of the year 2013

The choice of Emerald as Color of the year 2013 may reflect our deep hope for peace, unity and renewal – all of which are so desperately needed.

Emerald Green aligns the Heart Chakra

While everyone looks for the world to change, this won’t happen unless we change ourselves from inside. In that sense, Emerald Green is the color used to align the heart chakra, allowing it to open to an abundance of love flowing out to everyone it touches, seeing the ‘you’ in ‘me’.  That’s what “UBUNTU” in South Africa stands for: “I am because you are”.

Go Nature

Certainly, no colour is more related to Nature than green, hence the saying “Go Green!” While more elephants and rhino have been slaughtered this year than ever before to find that elusive ‘magic’ from outside, it only is the fatal road to ‘more’ and ‘more’ and ‘more’ – karma that is. True magic resides within. It starts with being environmentally conscious and caring deeply about Nature – we are all part of it!

As the most calming colour of the color wheel, green stands for healing and hope – and both will be dramatically needed for the tasks at hand in 2013! With challenges being opportunities in disguise, let’s look at the wealth it may bring us this year; you define what that exactly means to YOU!

Time for some gardening in hot, summerly Noordhoek, South Africa, where the above photo of tiny Egyptian goslings was taken!