Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 7

Time just flies – even for Piu Piu of Noordhoek! It’s already day 7 in my new home – a whole week!

Piu Piu of Noordhoek by Bianca Gubalke



Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 7

Meanwhile, I’ve explored my secret garden and made many new friends. I even get along with the ‘boss': MadMax, the tomcat. I was a little scared when we first met and I showed him my beak – but it didn’t really impress him! As we’re both peace-loving creatures, we’ve now become friends… actually since yesterday when the sunset was so beautiful that we just cuddled up on the terrace, watching the red hot ball sinking into the sea. Now he even allows me to check out his bowl. I was wondering… he’d always finish it so fast whenever I was around that I decided to have a look – but cats do eat funny stuff, yukk! – nothing for refined gosling palates!

But there are some dangers lurking: I always have to be on my guard from the big black eagle and the wicked mongoose. There are many snakes around as well, but I think I’m too big for them now. Most importantly, I always stick to my “angel in boots” when we’re outside – and when I’m in the house, I have my favourite spot in the atrium, right next to a big blue glass bowl that’s always filled with fresh water.

Life is good… so I wish you a magnificent Piu Piu Day, too!