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Ycademy Seminar April 2017

Bianca Gubalke Photography and Design

How to set up a Facebook Author Page The focus of this month’s webinar is on the creation of professional Facebook pages beyond the usual profile page we all set up the moment we join the gigantic social network. While profile pages are ideal to keep in close contact with our¬†family and friends, Facebook offers…

Ycademy Online Seminar September 2015

Ycademy Seminar September 2015 slide by Bianca Gubalke

ADOBE Photoshop CC 2015 As high quality images and photos are even more important today than ever before when it comes to website development and web design, this month’s Ycademy Seminar will focus on the new features of one of the most brilliant programmes ever created in my view: Photoshop! Mind you, even if you…