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Ycademy Online Seminar February 2016

Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

App Development with Android Studio With increasing numbers of mobile users accessing the web, website designers have to learn how to create apps. The idea is the same as with websites: to occupy space. Not only obviously, but also! Following the App Development in our Ycademy Seminar in January 2016, this month’s webinar focused on building the…

Ycademy Online Seminar January 2016

Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

How to build a Universal Android App for WordPress Following last month’s study of the Recipe App development with Android Studio, this month’s Ycademy Seminar starts the year with a strong focus on building a ‘Universal Android App’ for WordPress, whereby ‘Universal’ is the name of the theme that all seminar participants will learn how to…

Ycademy Seminar July 2013

Ycademy Seminar July 2013 designed by Bianca Gubalke

Ycademy Seminar July 2013 The Ycademy Seminar July 2013, held this past weekend, focused on the brilliant new features in ADOBE CC, namely Photoshop and InDesign.    Ycademy Seminar July 2013 What became clear at the Ycademy Seminar July 2013 was that ADOBE CC has made an impressive effort to address the needs especially of…

How to create Apps

How to create Apps Seminar by YCADEMY

How to create Apps With the absolute ‘apps mania’ driving, overrolling and haunting today’s digital world, there is no way around the application software that will sooner or later have us say good-bye to Internet browsers. Accordingly, the first YCADEMY Seminar January 2013 focuses on “How to create Apps” and future seminars and workshops for…

Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar

Adobe InDesign Seminar by Ycademy - Photo Bianca Gubalke

Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar The current Ycademy Seminar September 2012 focuses on Adobe InDesign to teach professional publishing for both online – eg. website design – and offline purposes, eg. books, magazines, newsletters etc. Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar Besides going into Adobe InDesign in the CS6 version, the Ycademy Seminar continues its “Path…

Semiomantics XO 2012 for WordPress

Bianca Gubalke Image on Semiomantics XO 2012 (Experiment)

Semiomantics XO 2012 for WordPress The brand-new Semiomantics XO 2012 for WordPress – soon to be released – will be the central topic of the first Ycademy Seminar 2012, to be held this coming weekend. As “Publishing for Excellence” at “Web Design with Passion” demands consistent learning, experimenting, an adaptation to trends and almost daily…

The Importance of Drawing

Dali through my Eyes - by Bianca Gubalke

The Importance of Drawing
“Learning how to Draw” should in my view be a discipline taught as early as possible as it teaches young children a fundamental life skill: how to ’see’ and from there think in a focused, simple and clear way. . . ideally beyond the surface of appearances.
The Importance of Drawing
The Importance of […]

Website Themes

Website Themes Website themes and templates that allow us to create a visually appealing look are what we are looking for when we want to brand ourselves in a professional way on the Internet. With our own product – the Google efficient Semiomantics XO Scripts – we already get a spiffy SEO optimized technical setup…

Circle Experiments 1

Circle Experiments 1
Experimenting with Circles – just circles as a basic geometric form repeating itself ad infinitum all through the Universe fascinates me – and anything related to this. I even included aspects of it in my award-winning movie screenplay “Die Emscher Schlange” back in the early nineties when still living in Europe.
Computer Art
But I’m […]

Creating your own Signature

Creating your own Signature
Creating your own Signature in your preferred Font is probably something you want to do sooner or later once you’ve experimented with the many stunning, easily recognizable and freely downloadable Fonts out there.
Creating your own Signature
It all looks so simple doesn’t it… and those Fonts are indeed so easy to use and […]