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Every Artist needs a Website

Having the very best website one can afford as an artist is by no means a luxury but an absolute necessity. If you want to be the master of your own destiny and live the freedom and independence a true artist cherishes and stands for, you must get used to seeing yourself as an enterprise that needs to brand itself and control its online presence, direction and reputation – and this despite your participation in group exhibitions, despite your contracts with galleries, and despite showing your art on multiple online art malls. Chances are that if you don’t do it, someone else will – and you may not like it. I’ll explain in a moment… The fact, however, is that the only way to avoid this is to take responsibility for yourself and direct the way you want to be seen and understood in the virtual world – meaning by other people, your fans, galleries and your potential buyers. It’s a matter of taking care of yourself and your own name.


Web Design with Passion by Bianca Gubalke

Artists need websites that reflect the standard of their Artwork

If you are an artist and you want to sell your paintings, sculptures, music or other artwork – ask yourself: who do you want to attract?

Think about it: art collectors and buyers of art are usually pretty educated and informed as far as the art market is concerned. And they have money or know where to get it – otherwise they wouldn’t invest in Art. If you are a sculptor and you want to sell for instance a bronze animal sculpture – which comes with a certain price tag because the casting process itself is pretty costly already – you cannot afford to look cheap. Always visualize the message you’re sending out: does your image match your market? If not, you may well lose visitors and potential buyers because they expected something more sophisticated than that. Forget ‘free’ on the Internet; cheap is too expensive!

Conclusion: If you want to brand yourself as an artist you need a website that reflects the standard of your artwork.

Web Design with Passion by Bianca Gubalke


Any Artist wants his Art to be seen

While artists are keen on having as many people as possible visit their Art Exhibition in a gallery, they may not be familiar with search engine traffic (SEO) in the virtual world – but it’s essentially the same. We agree that a gallery needs a good location – meaning a place that is easily accessible, where there is safe parking close-by, or that is well positioned in an elegant shopping mall. And it has to have a good reach via its mailing list – meaning a list of people like collectors, journalists, critics, celebrities etc, who know and trust them in terms of the type of art they represent.

Well, the same applies for a good website: it needs to be easily found on Google, because Google is where people look for what they want to buy – one can easily regard it as the biggest shopping mall in the world. And if you are as most people are, you want to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for on page one on Google. . . you’d rarely take the time to look further – especially, if you find what you’re looking for. Your answers have to be on page one. Here and now! Pronto!

And guess what?

This is exactly where your oeuvre must be!

Leopard Hunting Guinea Fowls Sculpture

Leopard Hunting Guinea Fowls

Let me give you a simple example:

Imagine… you’re a sculptor as in this website we just completed for Richard J. Gunston. You’ve created a stunning sculpture in clay, and now you want to attract a buyer who’s looking for exactly that item, meaning that’s what he searches in Google. So he types “Leopard Hunting Guinea Fowls”. What you have to do is ensure that the article with your sculpture comes up on Google page one! How? Through original quality content in form of posts, articles with pictures, or a video you loaded on YouTube. Exactly this topic – meaning that same keyword string.

The bad news is: there are only 10 spots for such articles per page – the rest are paid Google Ads: top, right side and bottom. Meaning they cost you. Actually, they can cost you an arm and a leg. So yes – there’s a continuous race for those 10 hot spots. Companies pay literally thousands of U$ per month – yes, per month – to reach those positions in their niches and leave their competition behind. Think about it: if you sell 10 times more cars or shoes or books per month simply by being found – is it worth the price? Is it? It sure is! The fact is, everyone wants to be found… and most have something to sell – be it a product, a service or an ad – so you’re in fierce company… and it’s fun!

So how do you achieve this?

First, have a good and professionally designed website under your own name, and invest in good hosting. Based on your keywords, your website designer integrates hooks as part of the whole framework and setup that you normally don’t ‘see’. It’s an art. A science. For some, it’s even a passion…

Second – and this is important and helps you understand that it’s not enough to have your website designed and then think ‘…that’s it for the next five years!‘ No, no.

Besides the fact that a website has to be updated following latest technologies – normally every 2 to 3 years – a website has to be kept dynamic and alive by a blog on which good original content is regularly posted. Content in this case means articles and media (photos, audios, videos) about your work, exhibitions, concerts – whatever it may be. The big search engines like Google love fresh content and will help your website to come up through the ranks and move towards the real hot spot where you want your article to be found, namely where people would search for it on Google: Google Top 10.

Frankly, would you go any further if you were looking for something? Probably not!

Your successful competition probably not only runs a professional website but also places Google Ads. They might not have started out doing both as they may not have had the funds. But if you’re serious about your career as an artist and you want to keep control, then investing in having your own domain name, good hosting and a professionally designed website will pay off big time. It’s a process… it’s work… and it’s not happening overnight. However, not only are you building your own brand, name and reputation on the web – instead that of anyone else who invites you to host your content on their site (remember: it’s content that brings you up in Google.. so you want it to be your’s) – but by means of your Newletter you also build your own list of interested parties and potential customers who like your work, want to be invited to your exhibitions, and are interested in your development. THIS is your online business – take care of it in the very best way.

Web Design with Passion by Bianca Gubalke


What does an Artist need for a professional online presence?

Let me give you the essentials as a short and sweet list:

  • Buy your own domain name. Preferably a .com.
  • Get good hosting.
  • Get a professional web designer to design your website based on your keywords and needs.
  • If you’ve got no time to write your own articles and learn how to edit and publish them in a Google efficient way, outsource this task to someone who has the knowledge and the skill.

TIP: A good web designer can help you with all of the above. For more information read my post Web Design for Authors – CLICK HERE.

If you are an artist, and you are ready to invest in a professional website created with the background knowledge of an artist – please get in touch with us.

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