How to get your Windows 8 and Save Money

How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money

Windows 8 Pro has been released and for a limited time, you can upgrade your PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 Pro for a special price. Here’s how to get your Windows 8 and Save Money!

How to get your Windows 8 and Save Money by Bianca Gubalke

How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money

If you want to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money you want to first get a normal 4,7 GB writable DVD, so you can instal and launch it whenever you are ready for it. As to my info the low price will end sometime in January 2013.
This is how I proceded so far (you need the DVD for this as per above):
Go here:
Go top “Download & Shop”
Select “Get your hands on Windows 8” > Buy Windows 8
Download Window 8 Pro for $39.99 ERP
 Now the Win8 Upgrade Assistant.exe downloads and you get a popup that checks which programs on your PC are compatible, which not (those you will have to reinstal later). It’s fast and you see what you may lose.
 You can pay very fast and easily via CC or PayPal after providing your Billing address. You will immediately receive proof of payment and your product Key – this is important to keep!
5. Start the Download – here it took me just over 6 hours on a slow line. You may continue working on your PC but I just left it alone.
6. Once that’s done, from the 3 options you get choose the second: Instal by Creating Media.
7. Burn the ISO file to a DVD (see blue screen) – here you also see your Product Key and, just above that, you see Open DVD Burner.
8. Then choose CD/DVD and insert a normal 4.7 GB writable DVD into your DVD burner.
9. Once you click Open DVD Burner the Windows Disc Image Burner comes up.
    Give it a title – eg. WIN8 and Date – and tick Verify disc after burning.
10. Here AutoPlay then opens where I choose “Burn Files to Disc” and I tick “With CD/DVD Player”.
11. Click BURN on the Windows Disc Image Burner to start the burning process.
      It takes about 15 minutes and you are done!
12. Once done, you get a confirmation of success and you can close and finish.
13. Now put the DVD you burnt in a protective cover and write your personal product Key on it so you have it handy once you instal your     WINDOWS 8 – or in case you ever have to repair it.
You’re done, you have the latest technology at your fingertips and you can get it onto your PC anytime you are ready for it.
And the best of it is that you saved 30$ by not buying the DVD they offer ($69) plus shipping costs by simply burning that DVD yourself!
Great deal – go for it as long as it lasts!

YCADEMY Seminar November 2012

The YCADEMY November Seminar 2012 will look into the setup and problem solving – if any – of the new Windows 8 Pro version on our machines! And we will focus on ADOBE Illustrator… another fully packed Ycademy workshop over two days! And it’s almost year-end!